Das kennen sie noch nicht ! The Book:The Truth ?

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Nun es kennt aber sie, besser als sie wissen ; P

hier finden sie mehr :   facebook.com/TheTruthTheBook

aber es hat sie hier bereits gefunden und hat das zu sagen :

The Book : The Truth

The Summery / The Back : Whats is this Book about , The Truth

This book is the truth , but not only for you but for more , it already changed your life , cause you now know here some thing you didn´t and this is the truth , you even see it but at the moment it may not belong to you , you can even have it, nearly all of the Truth, there will be one page missing but the book is still complete, it´s a mysterie but it´s the truth, the one book page you may miss you may get it in exchange for a small price , some € or may it be $ or any other of that in the quantiti of maybe 5 or 10 , ore something else you may trade or in any other way . The missing page is only the difference between knowing the truth and knowing about the truth of the truth which is like the difference between day and night , betwenn wisedom and knowleg , with this one page all will be revealed to you, what don´t means it will not be revealed without it
But it can make make/help/change ... , it go match faster , knowing the truth .
But the cost as may it be the price for this book is your life , cause you already payed , it changed and you havend notice, really sure just read from the beggining of this summary if you havend noticed you missed the truth, see it , maybe feel it , then read the truth and all will be revealed to you , you have just to do the deeds to get to the truth , may it be the book in any way you chose to get it , this is :

The Truth
The Book

As this may be the book the truth

it may be avaible here , now , know :

you may search in the unimportend trash

thats a common hide out of
The Truth
PS : This is not the missing page , the page you may miss may be the one you read , you don´t read , this page
is only

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