Kim Harrison The Witch with No Name


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Witch with No Name“ von Kim Harrison

Stöbern in Fantasy

Der Galgen von Tyburn

Dieser Band hat mir endlich mal wieder richtig Spaß gemacht und endlich erfährt man Wichtiges über den Gesichtslosen.


Der Drachenjäger - Die erste Reise ins Wolkenmeer

Ich mag die Welten die Bernd Perplies erschaffen kann, tolles Buch zum abtauchen und abschalten.


Die Königin der Schatten - Verbannt

Großartiger Abschluss der Reihe! Unvorhersehbare Entwicklungen, eine eine gewohnt taffe Kelsea und spannend bis zum Schluss.


Die maskierte Stadt

Wegen dem Kliffhänger am Ende gibt es nur 4 Sterne! Aber ansonstenwirklich ein sehr gelungener Fantasyroman ^^


Karma Girl




Und die Welt geht in Flammen unter...Auch wenn ihn viele langweilig fanden, ich mochte Hills Wälzer...


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  • a worthy ending

    The Witch with No Name


    26. November 2014 um 11:33

    sniffle. A very sad year for Urban Fantasy series lovers. But, alas, good news: instead of having to wait until February 2015, the last Hollows novel comes out September 9, 2014! Rachel and the gang have to fight Landon and the elven dewar once more - they want to close all the ley lines and let the ever after wither and die (and all the demons with it). But this would also destroy all magic and of course, Rachel can't let that happen. It's the final Hollows novel and it is absolutely beautiful. I was a bit worried how everything is going to end, if there will be loose ends or if the ending will suck, but it is perfect. Everything comes together, "everyone gets their happy ending - well, those who survive" [Kim], and no questions are left to ask. It is exciting and one hell of a ride, from beginning to end one is absolutely breathless. The last 200 pages were so stunning, that I ignored my bf for some hours until I had finished. The last chapter is a look ahead. Like in Harry Potter, but much much better. It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling seeing the gang still together and everything worked out for everyone. It's beautiful and you can say goodbye with a teary and a grinning eye. I am very excited to see what Kim has in stall for us next year, with a new trilogy. "The Beginning." The last word has Al, in an extra e-short "Sudden Backtrack". But that's not the same story from Al's POV, but a story from the past, about his hatred for elves and how Newt became crazy.