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Inhaltsangabe zu „Stuff I've Been Reading“ von Nick Hornby

Offers a collection of author's columns from the Believer magazine (taking off where The Complete Polysyllabic Spree finished).
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    Stuff I've Been Reading


    05. June 2014 um 15:44

    The only reason why I can't give this edition 5 full stars is the following fact: this book is not "new" as the editor says. At least in part. Half of this book is identical with "More Baths, Less Talking", which appeared earlier, I believe. The "More Baths..."- book covers a time period from May 2010 up to November/December 2011. And so does "Stuff I've Been Reading". But, I have to admit, it also includes Nick's columns from August 2006 - September 2008, which didn't appear anywhere before (to my knowledge). Apart from that, this is 100 % pure Nick Hornby! I especially liked the fact that the reader gains insight into Hornby's private life, into his work schedule, his character, his views. Sometimes, the books he reads are really secondary - his style always (!) comes first. And this is marvellous entertainment, but not without seriousness. Sometimes I really would have liked to actually hear more (!) about the books he read. He tends to cover them in broad strides, generalizing here and there, and - most of the time - simply stating if he liked them or not, and for which reasons. As I said - you should not read this if you are looking for serious literary analysis or reading recommendations! Especially if you are from the continent. Most of the books he reads I have never ever heard about here. But this book can be really fun if you are ready for surprises and detours.

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