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Blessed Twice

Blessed Twice

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Uncommon Emotions

Uncommon Emotions

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Rezension zu "Blessed Twice" von Lynn Galli

Rezension zu "Blessed Twice" von Lynn Galli
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This highly intreguing novel of both, literatural and emotional quality, takes us to get to know M and Briony, professors at HU, who are drawn together by a prestigues project of their dean and, as they fast enough discover, by some personal strings as well.

Briony lost her long-term lover Megan, whom she raised 10year old Caleb with, and ever since is talked into dates by friends and people who consider themselfes being such, but nothing might happen until she meets M.
M won't talk to her other than busines, M won't shake hands for hello and goodbey, M won't let her know any of her private life but still be the first to encourage Briony to get back on track - she falls in love with the more than shy person who happens to be as outgoing as one could imagine in classes, beloved by her students, chunned by collegues.

We now whitness the tender and very slow approach of two women, knowing they fell for each other and while Briony soon realizes it's not betrayal of Megan to love again, M reveals a shocking story of a childhood almost not to handle - they try never the less.

I am deeply drawn to this book and want to recommend the touching, heartwarming and romantic story to everyone who's into happy ending love stories, beautiful and whitty characters, a good portion of humour and the endless passion of female lovemaking. I enjoyed this book even more, since the character of Briony is the most passionate still gentle, honest and patient person ever mentioned in a novel [P. from "Patience and Sarah" maybe, almost as well] and the constant raising of the emoptional bonds between all charakters involved gave me a nonstopable thrill just like the caring composure of M's mainissue that kept her from too many things for all her adult live.

PLUS: no smoking and drinking in this book - you might compare to lesbian fiction and find this very rare and aggreable.. no swearing either.


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